Anticor Anti-corrosão, Decapagem e metalização lda

ANTICOR is a company of reference in the treatment and coating of metallic surfaces, that stands out in services of high quality in the anti-corrosive treatments. The company's strategy is oriented to the full satisfaction of customers and according to a logic of innovation, offering the guarantee of a differentiated service of quality and the fulfillment of the deadlines stipulated in the development of the action. The company has more than 60 years of experience in the market, over the years has been evolving in techniques and processes, and thanks to our continuous development have been able to meet the highest quality standards.

For 33 years it had its facilities in South Matosinhos. Since 1991, it has been installed in its new industrial complex, more adapted and adapted with new technologies and environmental control. The facilities were equipped with a machine park, occupy a total area of 8,500m² with 2,500 m² of covered area. It has two modern blast chambers with dust elimination system and steel shot recovery system, a metallization chamber, two cranes with individual capacity of 10 tons. Anticor employs about 30 people, has teams and mobile equipment to work abroad, in Portugal and foreign countries.

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Why choosing ANTICOR

We provide the highest quality standards.

We fully respect the agreed deadlines.


We pay attention to small works, like to big works, indifferently.

Custom service

We present the best solution for each kind of work.


Anticor is a certified company with high quality control processes.


We give all necessary technical support and attetion to our customers.


We perform services in our facilities as abroad.